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YAY skincare for make-up ! PROMO ! koop het assortiment en krijg derde aan halve prijs !
YAY skincare for make-up ! PROMO ! koop het assortiment en krijg derde aan halve prijs !


Supercharging your skincare
and make-up routine.

Backstage or in your bathroom mirror, YAY’S moisture-rich skincare essentials create a smooth canvas for every make-up lover.

It’s a hydration situation.

The best base for your make-up? Healthy, hydrated skin! Therefore, YAY's 3-step skincare routine is formulated with barrier-nourishing properties to lock in moisture and promote an even skin structure with every application. This intense hydration not only solves common make-up issues – such as a flaky foundation and a blotchy finish – but also allows your look's colours and textures to truly shine through. Moreover, our selected active ingredients offer both long-term benefits (after 30+ days of use) and immediate hydration – making YAY ideal for everyday and for every make-up artist on a deadline. 

The perfect fit your kit.

We know how frustrating it is to find a product you like, but something about it isn't quite right. At YAY, we aim to offer no-nonsense essentials that are kind to all and genuinely functional. That's why we believe in the power of community by listening to those who use our products daily. And by producing in micro-batches in Belgium, we continue optimizing our range based on YAY customer feedback. Therefore, we consider everything, from our science-backed formulas right down to our packaging, which we promise won't weigh your kit down and features an ultra-hygienic pump system for easy dosage. Handy when working on set and just as practical for getting your glam on at home!

Yes! All our products are vegan certified by Peta.
Yes! They all carry the cruelty free label by Peta.
Yes! Our bottles are made from PETG, a better version of the traditional PET that is also easily recyclable. The outer packaging is made using recyclable paper.