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YAY skincare for make-up ! PROMO ! koop het assortiment en krijg derde aan halve prijs !
YAY skincare for make-up ! PROMO ! koop het assortiment en krijg derde aan halve prijs !

About MUD

Makeup Designory.
For years, the name only referred to an important makeup school in America. That was yesterday. Today MUD is a leading educational institution, and a strong brand in professional and selective cosmetics.
The MUD cosmetics line combines past and present. The legendary formulations that professional makeup artists and celebrities
have been using for years, melting together with new technologies and the best ingredients from the contemporary cosmetics industry: simple design, extraordinary formulation, special plant extracts, lots of pigment, and highly inspiring colors. The MUD product range currently consists of more than 300 products.

Your guarantee
Every MUD product has been created with the insight and expertise of professional makeup artists. Our starting point? The reality. All our makeup products and materials are subjected to a rigorous testing process, in collaboration with industry experts, in the most challenging situations. Just think of the harsh conditions at a remote film location, or the scorching spotlights of Broadway. In all these situations, our makeup products and makeup materials hold out. Moreover, thanks to these tests we have updated every product until it has reached perfection. Only then will they receive our 'MUD certified' stamp and approval. Your guarantee that they will do what they have to do, even in difficult, difficult situations. Our award-winning mascara, creamy foundations, luxurious lipsticks and silky-soft eye shadows perform accurately and with great results. That is no more than fair.