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Brushes #600 Blender / Buffer (Vegan)

by MUD
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The patented synthetic fibers in the MUD 600 brushes work just like natural hair. In contrast to the typical flat, structure-free fibers used with cream products, these fibers have ultra-fine waves. They create the porosity needed to pick up, hold and apply both powder and creams. The perfect consistency, the efficient operation and the luxurious touch make these fibers the best alternative to natural hair. Tested and approved by makeup artists and consumers.

- The best alternative to natural goat hair
- Perfect for creams and powders
- Ensures a flawless, smooth finish
- Soft, thick, synthetic hair
- Ideal for applying correctors, eye colors and creams, highlights and shadows
- Extremely soft and pleasant
- Fewer hairs that fall or break off
- 100% vegan


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