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Derma Shield 150ML

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The ultimate skin protection! Derma Shield forms a barrier that offers a high level of protection against all kinds of chemicals that we come into contact with, both in our free time and during our work. The skin is also nourished with aloe vera vitamin E and high-quality moisturizers. Commonly used solution with special fx makeup.

  • does not feel greasy
  • ensures that the skin continues to breathe and perspire normally
  • offers 4-5 hours of protection despite repeated washing and / or contact with water / liquids
  • protects against all kinds of skin conditions and supports the healing process
  • moisturizes the skin and nourishes it with Aloe Vera and vitamin E
  • protects against bacteria, viruses, all kinds of chemicals, bases and most acids
  • prevents dirt from sticking to the skin, even (second) glue, epoxy, grease and resin
  • applicable to all parts of the skin and also safe to use when working with food